Hydrogen Scotland webinar with Baltimore Aircoil- Cooling Solutions for the Green Hydrogen Industry

Discover cooling solutions for the manufacture of green hydrogen in our webinar by Hydrogen Scotland member Baltimore Aircoil Company. This webinar will be beneficial to those that need cooling solutions for the manufacture of green hydrogen, typically where there is a need for heat exchange from compressors and electrolysers and for engineers from other industries such as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

Hydrogen Scotland webinar with Siemens Digital- The Use of Simulation and Digital Twinning

This Hydrogen Scotland webinar on Monday 15th July at 13:00 BST is about using simulation and digital twinning to streamline production processes. This webinar will be of interest to engineering and technical managers interested in the development of hydrogen-related products: production, transport, and usage (refuelling stations, Fuel cells, etc.) and anyone interested in how replicating real-world plant operations in virtual simulations can help engineers and operators fine-tune designs, identify potential issues early on, and streamline production processes.