Waterwhelm’s breakthrough water reuse and desalination technology operates at significantly lower pressure, resulting in lower capital and maintenance costs.

Powered by waste heat, our circular solution achieves a world-beating reduction in electricity consumption and CO2 emissions. The technology can directly support hydrogen production.

In comparison to the installed base (reverse osmosis), Waterwhelm’s forward osmosis uses up to 80% less electricity for 79% less CO2 emissions. The reduced need for high-pressure system components gives 35% less CAPEX (on scale-up) and ~50% less OPEX. Our technology ‘pulls’ freshwater (from brackish/seawater) through a membrane rather than ‘push’ it through at high pressures. Waste heat is used to separate the organic from the draw solution which is circulated back in a closed-loop to pull more freshwater through the membrane. Waterwhelm’s FO uses only between 0.3-0.5 kWh/m3 of electricity and 14-28 kWh/m3 heat. Low operating pressure, and the ability to backwash, reduces the need for chemical cleaning and extends membrane lifetimes. Further, unlike reverse osmosis, up to 80-90% of heat used can be returned to site for additional use, and with associated savings, such as in boiler feed water.