University of Aberdeen

The Centre for Energy Transition at the University of Aberdeen brings together experts into multi-disciplinary groups to tackle one of the world’s most pressing issues: the transition to net-zero. Working in partnership with government, policy makers and industry, we are producing research across the following main themes.

Renewable generation
Our researchers are working together with industry to meet the challenge of the expansion of reliable geothermal, offshore & floating wind, marine energy (wave & tidal), solar, biofuels, and renewable heat. Carbon Capture & Natural Capital. This theme is supporting research to rapidly realise the implementation of carbon capture and storage and bioenergy capture and storage and our understanding of carbon sequestration in natural systems, the role of landscape, agriculture, and natural capital approaches.

Hydrogen economy
We are working to rapidly accelerate hydrogen production, conversion, storage, transport and use as well as proposing and evaluating economic and policy instruments to expand the H2 industry and increase uptake.

Oil and Gas in Transition
Oil and Gas in Transition is tacking the challenge of responsible, low carbon, exploration and production, energy security, evaluating industry performance against net-zero & ET.

Circular Economy
This theme investigates reuse, waste, EV recycling, decommissioning, new materials, closed loops.

System Integration and Digitalisation
Developing grid integration technology, smart grids for distributed energy sources, local energy grids, digital innovation and AI, energy integration.

Demands and markets
Understanding societal, industry and consumer demand; the economic impact of ET, decentralized energy systems, scale/effectiveness of ET, modelling demand and use.

Energy System Governance
Evaluating the Just Transition, legal reform, markets, post-COVID green recovery, and community transformation.