ULEMCo Ltd, are specialists in low emission technology, offering engineering services for the conversion of engines to run on hydrogen.

The company has specifically developed capability in the conversion of light commercial vehicles to run as hydrogen diesel hybrids, particularly panel vans, mini buses and flatbed trucks, where the approach allows vehicles owners reduce their carbon dioxide emissions to ultra-low levels. The conversion service includes the supply of a safely engineered retrofit kit encompassing tanks, lines, engine control and management system, installation, and application for VSO status to enable use on UK roads. 

Recent developments include the capability to convert all makes and specialist niche vehicles such as refuse trucks and 4x4 agricultural types. Depending on the vehicle type emissions can be at ultra-low levels (the Ford TRANSIT version is 59g/Co2 and below EURO 5b standards) usually resulting in a 70% reduction in carbon emissions through real use duty cycles.