Swagelok Scotland

Swagelok Scotland is the exclusive sales and service centre for Swagelok products and services across Scotland, North-East England and Ireland.

The solutions we provide can be integral to the success of our customers, and critical to the safety of those who work each day in high-risk environments.

Swagelok Scotland actively supports companies developing alternative fuel technology, designing gas and fluid system components and assemblies for use in hydrogen applications. With solutions that include easy-to-install tube fittings to custom-designed systems and assemblies, our solutions are suitable for hydrogen service; on-vehicle and through hydrogen infrastructure applications, that produces, transports, compresses, stores and fills cylinders with hydrogen.

Our components are designed to satisfy the unique performance standards hydrogen applications require, with EC79 and EIHP certifications, and pressure ratings up to 1551 bar with the FK series. We not only understand the system performance needs of the industry, but also the complex approval processes and compliance requirements that govern them. Supported by a team of material scientists with an expert-level understanding of metallurgy and chemical compatibility to help you select the correct designs and materials for your applications, our customers benefit from the expertise and resources of working with us.

Our assembly technicians deliver fully assembled and tested systems for filling, distribution, priority, and control panels, as well as tubing manifolds, all thoroughly tested, inspected, packaged, and covered by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our field engineering team can help you minimise unnecessary costs, system downtime, safety hazards and environmental risks by completing an onsite inspection of your systems, detecting costly and dangerous leaks, evaluating hoses, and providing recommendations for better long-term performance. And to ensure your team and contractors are trained to complete their task, we provide gas and fluid system training that helps improve design, installation, inspection, operation, and maintenance capabilities.