Storegga is developing infrastructure across the entire carbon ecosystem – capture, transport and permanent deep geological storage.

Establishing transport and storage solutions for carbon dioxide enables other opportunities, such as low-carbon hydrogen generation and direct air capture.

Storegga’s Acorn project:

Acorn is one of the leading UK CCS and hydrogen projects. It can be operational by the mid 2020’s, providing a clear pathway for the UK to meet its net zero targets.

With ready access to existing offshore pipelines and well understood CO2 storage resource, including the licensed Acorn CO2 Storage Site, Acorn can provide a fast and cost-efficient way of establishing this essential net zero infrastructure.

This first phase of Acorn CCS offers a low capital cost start, that can be delivered by the mid-2020s – establishing the critical CO2 transport and storage infrastructure required for rapid build-out, including Acorn Hydrogen and the import of CO2 to St Fergus from ships at Peterhead Port and from Scotland’s industrial cluster in the Central Belt.