Ricardo is a global engineering, environmental and strategic consultancy, operating across a range of market sectors.

Ricardo activities cover a range of market sectors including passenger car, commercial vehicle, rail, defence, motorsport, motor cycle, off-highway, marine, clean energy and power generation and government. Its client list transportation original equipment manufacturers, supply chain organisations, energy companies, financial institutions and government agencies.

In Hydrogen Ricardo is working on:

  • Hydrogen Production, storage and distribution: Assessment of low carbon hydrogen and synthetic fuels plant efficiency, cost, environmental and site considerations.

  • Use in transport: Hydrogen internal combustion engines and fuel cells with the balance of plant in range of vehicle road, rail marine and aviation.

  • Use in heat & industry: Use in CHP and heat systems and energy intensive industry.

  • Environmental: Assessment of environmental impacts, using life cycle analysis to compare hydrogen and ammonia with fossil and low carbon fuels.


Ricardo has a hydrogen test facility to allow assessment of hydrogen internal combustion engines and fuel cells. 

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