Pressure Tech

Pressure Tech is renowned across the world for manufacturing high quality and competitively priced pressure regulators for the oil and gas market.

Our longevity in this market has led to customers returning to us time after time for advice and guidance on new projects, system upgrades and alterations.

As the global shift towards minimising dependence on fossil fuels has gathered pace, the importance of establishing an appropriate infrastructure to support the large-scale production of hydrogen has been well publicised. Since 2017 we have expanded our focus from applications solely within the oil and gas sector to a combination that now incorporates the hydrogen market.

Our comprehensive range of hydrogen products for pressure regulation and control encompasses essential equipment used across the entire hydrogen value chain. From hydrogen production through electrolysis, storage, and distribution, to hydrogen vehicle refuelling for both mobile and stationary systems, our solutions support diverse end applications also, including mobility, aviation, maritime, construction, and on-site energy generation.

Away from Pressure Tech’s standard product offerings to the hydrogen market, we also take great pride in being able to design and offer bespoke solutions to fulfil customers projects and requirements. This in-house service is one of the many reasons why existing customers come back to us, time and time again, and why, off the back of recommendations, new customers approach Pressure Tech when an off-the-shelf product just won’t suffice.

Our team of over 40 people includes a combination of long-term employees offering extensive product experience and understanding with the more recent addition of employees who have added specialist knowledge in the hydrogen market. Our Hydrogen Business Development Manager, Jordon Cullen, continues to steer the growth of our product range to support a wider range of applications including buses, trucks, refuelling stations and recreational vehicles, amongst many others.