Penspen has been delivering onshore and offshore customised engineering services to the energy sector for over 65 years across the UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa, South-East Asia and North & South America.

The Company offers services on both Greenfield and Brownfield projects that include:

- Engineering & project management: Penspen areas of expertise include conceptual and feasibility study, basic and frontend engineering, detailed design, operability and risk assessment, as well as project management services, procurement services and engineering support to main works contractors under the EPC banner.

- Asset Management: Delivering operation and maintenance services, ensuring reliability and compliance of operations.

- Asset Integrity: Offering a comprehensive suite of services to support the Company's clients to ensure ongoing health, extend the life of and decommission their assets.

Over the past 60 years, Penspen has been at the forefront of the energy transition by helping nations access lower carbon fuels and by extending the useful life of existing energy infrastructure.

Penspen’s energy transition work is built around 4 pillars of expertise:

- Engineering Consultancy for the development of New hydrogen production & carbon capture, CO2 Compression & Pipelines, green ammonia Production

- The Repurposing of existing infrastructure for the use with Hydrogen and CO2

- Operating with Hydrogen and CO2.

- Infrastructure Maintenance services to maximise lifecycle.

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