Orkney Islands Council

Orkney Islands Council is committed to supporting Orkney’s emerging renewable energy industry.

Orkney has long been an enterprising and resourceful community, and renewable energy now offers Orkney a critical opportunity to develop a world leading industry, which will offer significant long-term and sustainable economic and social benefits. Progress made to date has given Orkney a global lead in marine renewable energy, attracting significant investment and greatly expanding employment opportunities, skills and expertise.

Transition to a low carbon economy is a strategic priority of the Orkney Community Planning Partnership, and the Council aims to act as a leader through an innovative Carbon Management Plan, focused on a low carbon approach to energy efficiency and security.

Orkney is home to the world leading European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), and an increasing number of local businesses offering an extensive range of top quality professional support services to the renewables industry, as well a growing academic centre of excellence centre around the International Centre for Island Technology.

The Council is proactive in its consultation with stakeholders to assess and gauge the demands of the industry now and in the longer term, and is heavily committed to developing the infrastructure and supporting the innovation that the emerging marine renewables sector will require to deploy their wave and tidal devices in the Pentland Firth and Orkney waters.

The Council has invested significantly in the development of the renewable energy sector thus far, and seeks to address the challenges that threaten next stage development for the industry, such as grid capacity and transmission charging.
In Orkney there’s an unshakeable belief in the economic and environmental worth of renewables, and Orkney Islands Council is committed to ensuring the islands’ role as a global focal point for marine energy development is maintained and strengthened.