Norco Group

For over 30 years Norco have been providing service and sales within the Global Stored Energy market.

UPS systems, Battery technology and Generators, are central components in Norco’s portfolio, now introducing new services for Hydrogen and Renewable sectors.

Since 2017 Norco have been Operating, Maintaining and Managing a Public Hydrogen production and refuelling station in Aberdeen. Having worked closely with the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s since the station’s inception, a huge amount of knowledge, skills and trust have been developed. Every effort is now being made to build on our success via collaborations with Innovators and OEM partners supporting Production, Storage, Dispensing and Generation. Norco is now recognised as Scotland’s No 1 provider of Hydrogen Refuelling station services. The generation derived from Renewable Energy Sources can be sporadic at best. A BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) uses the latest battery technology to maintain power when light, wind and water fail. Norco has supplied systems for use Off Grid for many years, however now Grid Connected or Mini Grid applications can provide flexibility linking all forms of generation, providing an efficient, cost effective energy solution for all applications.