The membership association for industrial decarbonisation in Scotland. Investing in net zero industrial futures.

NECCUS (pronounced nexus) is an alliance of industry, government and experts, united by their determination to drive the changes and support the programmes needed to reduce carbon emissions from industrial sources in Scotland and beyond. 

Scotland has committed to being carbon Net Zero by 2045 and the rest of the UK has said it will hit this target by 2050. It’s a country that already has proven credentials in the battle to tackle climate change. Over 3/4 of the electricity that Scotland uses comes from renewable sources and it provides a quarter of the UK’s renewable energy. 

We believe this endeavour needs a multi-partner approach because of the scale of the challenge and the scale of the ambition. NECCUS doesn’t just provide a solution for Scotland. We can deliver Net Zero at pace, with scale, cost effectively, and supporting jobs by leveraging strengths such as: - The significant amount of existing infrastructure (both onshore and offshore), which could be repurposed to support Hydrogen, CCUS, Renewables; cost-effectively and with a lower development risk than new builds. - The largest CO2 storage potential in the UK, with well understood stores, and their co-location with existing infrastructure. Approx. 1/3rd of all UK storage close to pipelines being considered for re-use. Creating a storage opportunity for industrial clusters across the UK and NW Europe. - One of the largest build-outs of Offshore Wind in the UK (3.5GW in operation or construction & up to 14GW in consent or for licensing), helping to energise Green Hydrogen production - A large, highly skilled workforce that can deliver the energy transition. The knowledge, skill sets, technology and manufacturing capability of an existing supply chain which can deliver complex projects. - The wealth of existing projects across Scotland, from the Borders to the Shetlands, covering Green Hydrogen, Blue Hydrogen, Carbon Capture, Carbon transport & storage, CO2 utilisation, Direct Air Capture.