Moray Council

Moray Council has a commitment to become Carbon Neutral by 2030 and to provide the necessary leadership to local business and communities to assist in the Moray wide transition to net zero by 2045.

Developing a Hydrogen economy in Moray during the short to medium term, including connecting into adjacent areas, could contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gases and particulate emissions, improve security of energy supply, contribute towards the decarbonisation of transport, increase and make better use of renewable energy generation, and could help address fuel poverty issues, particularly in rural areas. In 2022 Moray Council and Highlands and Islands Enterprise commissioned Mott Macdonald to develop a Moray Hydrogen Strategy to assist in progressing the hydrogen economy in Moray.

For more than 10 years we have been working with CCS technology providers and their early projects providing engineering and environmental support.

This along with our decades of permitting and engineering support for hydropower, renewable generators and their grid connections places us on many of the emerging blue and green hydrogen generation projects.

With experience in gas processing and geological storage and more recently with the delivery of turnkey hydrogen refuelling stations our coverage of hydrogen value chain from producer to consumer is unrivalled.

Positioned as a strategic partner to large infrastructure owners in all sectors (water, rail, highways, cities, ports and airports, data centres, cities, industrials as well as O&G majors) we are increasingly a trusted partner in helping to shape hydrogen demand, and permitting and delivering the infrastructure to meet the demand; with live projects in US, UK, Western Europe and Australia.

AECOM deliver for our clients by understanding the complexity of their businesses and enabling them to see further through today’s challenges of climate change and COVID-19, we reimagine what is possible and have a record for delivering it safely, securely and with integrity.