JCE Energy

In 2009, JCE Group successfully certified the word’s first Ex Solar Panel, which prompted the decision to create a dedicated renewable energy division to transition into the alternative energy industry.

The result was the formation of JCE Energy, now manufacturing a range of products including solar panels, wind turbines, battery systems, control/communication packages and fully integrated hybrid power systems.

With climate change awareness growing and dangerous levels of emissions harming the planet, we identified there was a new demand for the innovation of technological systems to support economical and sustainable power generation through renewable energy sources.

Since conception, we have steadily developed our portfolio of projects, including, but not limited to, solar, anaerobic digestion (AD), biomass, small wind, wave technology, fish farms and complete off-grid power systems.

We provide a range of green energy/eco-friendly off-grid products and services to the petrochemical, construction, agricultural, mining and commercial sectors.

JCE Energy is headquartered in a custom-built manufacturing facility, which hosts a team of highly experienced engineers and technicians capable of designing, installing and maintaining custom project solutions. Our capabilities include engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services.