James Hutton Ltd

Climate Positive farming; plant breeding; analytical services; application of green hydrogen.

Making an impact through science, James Hutton Limited is responsible for commercialising the intellectual property, facilities, science and research of the James Hutton Institute to provide services that address global challenges in a changing environment.

The business was founded in 2015 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the James Hutton Institute.

James Hutton Limited provides research and consultancy services for several different sectors including agrifood, oil and gas, environmental and water.

James Hutton Limited analytical services are delivered by world leading scientists. These are predominantly used by business in the oil and gas, manufacturing and engineering sectors.

James Hutton Limited also supplies plant breeding services to some of the largest names in global consumables.

All plant breeding activity is underpinned by ground breaking science and research from the James Hutton Institute which includes work on soils, water and entomology.

An extensive portfolio of more than 40 plant varieties is available through James Hutton Limited, many of which are protected by Plant Variety Rights and available for licensing worldwide.

The profits generated by James Hutton Limited are gift aided back to the Institute and reinvested in research.