International Gas Detectors

International Gas Detectors Ltd is the world’s oldest gas detection company, established in the UK in 1917 where they created the world’s first electric flammable gas detector.

IGD are dedicated in producing innovative gas detection solutions. Fast forward 100 years and IGD is at the forefront of the gas detection industry. Showcasing innovative 2-Wire Addressable technology with detectors for over 700 gases and vapours. IGD have 100 years in flammable gas detection knowledge and product solutions to match.

For hydrogen flammable detection they have released the MK8 Pellistor which is raising the standard for flammable gas detection in the industry. For more low-level hydrogen detection they also have electrochemical sensors detecting at lower parts per million detection. IGD design and manufacture their fixed gas detection products in the UK including investment in their own in-house PCB design and automated PCB assembly line. By having this in house they ensure a detectably better standard in gas detection. IGD have the capability to support clients on a global scale with their international partner networks.