GCE Ocean Energy

GCE Ocean Technology is an industry led not-for-profit member organisation for the strengthening and internationalization of businesses, research and education within the field of Sustainable Ocean Technology.

With more than hundred member companies from the entire value chain, we represent the world's most complete duster for underwater and ocean solutions.

GCE Ocean Technology member services are focussed on five core areas:

1. Market – Succeeding in the global energy market and developing solutions beyond oil and gas. Increasing knowledge about the global ocean industry market.

2. Competence and Infrastructure – Attracting talents, develop competence and offer advanced infrastructure.

3. Technology – Stimulating technology development

4. Entrepreneurship and Business Development – Attracting capital and investors. Creating new entrepreneurs and growing businesses.

5. Digitalisation and Supply Chain Innovation – Digitalisation and improvement of work and production processes throughout the supply chain.