Fuel Cell Systems

Fuel Cell Systems Ltd (FCSL) is a UK based company, which has been applying fuel cells to real life tasks for 15 years.

At FCSL we design, source and integrate bespoke fuel cell solutions for customers. We understand the products available globally and recommend solutions based on our customers’ power needs.   We provide off-grid power for a wide range of applications including CCTV towers, environmental monitoring, temporary road signs and wildlife filming.  Our customers range from those needing a small amount of remote power, through to large megawatt projects.

We also design and integrate full hydrogen systems, from hydrogen production, chilling and storage through to innovative refuelling systems for customers including vehicle manufacturers, the Met Police, the ZeroAvia passenger plane project, HydroFLEX ( the first hydrogen powered passenger train in the UK) the Milford Haven Energy Kingdom and Teesside Airport.  We have delivered hydrogen products for all types of transport, including planes, trains, cars, vans, fork lift trucks, boats and buses.

HyQube is an affordable, modular and scalable refueller providing hydrogen for vehicles across the UK, Europe and beyond. Along with our full hydrogen production and storage systems, we can offer a complete hydrogen solution from consultancy and design through to manufacture, integration and ongoing support.

HyTruck, our mobile refuelling vehicle, is in constant use for a variety of projects.  It offers 60kg on board storage and is capable of filling to both 700 and 350 bar.  Our current vehicle can be rented for events or vehicle trials and we can also design and build new refuelling vehicles as we did with EMEC for the ZeroAvia project.

FCSL have helped to accelerate research, development and promotional activities that would not have been possible were it not for the availability of our innovative refuelling solutions. 

With a motivated team we are proud to be a part of a rapidly-growing company, working in an exciting area of technology. We aim to grow our company by ensuring that our customers are our best ambassadors.