The Energy Skills Partnership

ESP (Energy Skills Partnership) is the college sector agency in Scotland for energy transition, zero carbon transport, engineering, construction and STEM whilst leading on the Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan.

Our vision is of a college sector working in partnership with Government, agencies and industry to meet national and regional skills needs, maximising investment and job opportunities aligned with emerging technologies, the Climate Emergency and the Just Transition to Net Zero. Through the partnership we ensure that the right skills are being delivered to guarantee that Scotland has the trained and competent workforce required by the energy sector of the future.

ESP is securing future hydrogen skills in Scotland through our Hydrogen Training Network recognising the immense potential hydrogen has a clean energy carrier in Scotland’s energy sector. We have taken proactive action to address the emerging need for skilled hydrogen professionals directly supporting the upskilling of training staff and industry. Through strategic partnerships with industry, Government, agencies and other academic institutions we have developed a programme of activity in hydrogen skills.

1. College Staff Career-Long Professional Learning (CLPL)

2. Curriculum Development

3. Specialist Resources

To support:

1. Awareness of hydrogen technologies

2. New entrants into the sector

3. Upskilling, reskilling and transitioning into hydrogen

4. Flexibility to existing curriculum

5. Sector attractiveness and STEM

Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan 2020-2025

Key Issues And Priority Actions