Cenex has been created with the aim of bringing together the many UK organisations demonstrating excellence in specialist fields related to low carbon and fuel cell technologies.

By improving knowledge transfer between these organisations and by supporting the development and application of their technologies, Cenex can assist the UK motor industry to build competitive advantage based on national leadership in the global shift to a low carbon economy. Cenex's activities will assist in developing early markets for low carbon and fuel cell technologies in automotive applications, with the aim of supporting supply chain development in the UK and showcasing UK expertise to encourage inward investment.

The key objectives of Cenex are to:

  • To map current and emerging technologies in the low carbon and fuel cell markets and identify and communicate those which may influence the future direction of the industry

  • To mobilise or otherwise construct an effective UK supply chain by coordinating the activities of academia, component suppliers, assemblers, vehicle manufacturers and other intermediaries

  • To be a flagship organisation for the promotion of UK activities on low carbon and fuel cell technologies and to act as the focus for projects requiring international cooperation

  • To influence the creation and deployment of fleet-scale demonstrators in the UK passenger vehicle, public transport and commercial vehicle sectors

  • To facilitate affordable market entry strategies for low carbon and fuel cell technologies by direct intervention with public and private sector procurement bodies.