Set up in Spain in 1954, CALVERA Group is an international benchmark company for high pressure compressed gas storage and transport, particularly for hydrogen and natural gas.

As a result of its specialisation in different fields, the group consists of three divisions:  

CALVERA Industrial Gases. Comprehensive solutions for air gases, food and medicine gases.

CALVERA Gas Technology. Division specialized in natural gas and bio-gas.

CALVERA Hydrogen. Solutions based on hydrogen as an energy carrier.

CALVERA group has integrated all steps involved in manufacturing process of its equipment: engineering, design, calculation, full manufacture and international certification. This allows the company to offer the most efficient solutions on the market while providing the highest safety and quality standards as well as a continuous upgrading and incorporation of cutting-edge technology into its processes. 

With two manufacturing plants in Zaragoza and Epila, CALVERA group has an international network of agents and distributors in Turkey, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Scotland, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Mexico, the South-East Asia region as well as the rest of the European market.

Currently, CALVERA group is present in Scotland as a partner in several projects dealing with hydrogen transport and storage. Amongst them, we find one of the most ambitious European initiatives, BIG HIT (Building Innovative Green Hydrogen Systems in an Isolated Territory: a pilot for Europe) is developing an infrastructure for the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen with a view to supplying power locally on the Orkney Islands from renewable sources such as wind power or tidal power.