Bright Green Hydrogen

Bright Green Hydrogen, is based within the Fife Renewables Innovation Centre.

For the last 12 years, we have demonstrated the generation and storage of renewable energy and operated a microgrid system to provide electricity to neighbouring buildings.  The system includes a 750kW wind turbine, and 160kW solar (a mix of ground and roof mounted).  
Our past projects have demonstrated and promoted the potential of storing surplus renewable energy as hydrogen, for a range of on-demand applications that require reliable, quiet, and very clean energy sources. The projects have raised the profile of renewable, hydrogen and fuel cell technology by storing surplus renewable energy for times when renewable energy may not be available (i.e. insufficient renewable energy supply or peak demand), or for an application for which renewable energy may not be suitable (i.e. transport or uninterruptible power supply).
This ability to guarantee an energy supply enables renewably generated hydrogen to be used for higher value applications, creating a locally-generated and low carbon alternative to oil and gas; reducing future greenhouse gas emissions and our reliance on imported energy from countries like Iraq, Libya and Russia.

Through our programmes, Bright Green Hydrogen:

  • improve access to, and understanding of, the technology by key stakeholder groups

  • improve confidence in the reliability and robustness of emerging technologies through independent verification and testing

  • encourage future take-up of the technology by promoting its benefits and support initiatives aimed at skills development and education.