Asociación Argentina del Hidrógeno (Argentine Association for Hydrogen Energy)

The Argentine Association for Hydrogen Energy - through its members and supporters - permanently strives for the development of all hydrogen technologies, promoting people´s best values and a technology at the service of all that which takes care of the planet and diversity as primary aspects, and the needs of its inhabitants as a main duty.

The AAH was founded by the initiative of Dr. José Podestá of the National University of La Plata, with the support of about twenty participants at the hydrogen seminar held in the city of Buenos Aires, on June 7, 1996. Since then our president has been Dr. Juan Carlos Bolcich

The AAH considers hydrogen is the natural storage and transporter of renewable energies and, as such, places it in the centre of the energy system, as a storage facility where each and every one of the renewable energies that gave rise to it coexist. It is an efficient transporter or energy vector used to manage distributed renewable energies in order to supply end users with energy services by means of fuel, electricity and heat.