BSH / Aetherct

We are a hydrogen transport and fixed storage solutions manufacturer specialising in type 1 and type 4 systems.

We are based within UK offering a quality solution with improved safety characteristics for products than many others. Our type 1 trailer system for the UK market consists of 11 tubes per trailer meaning only twenty-four connections and manifold systems for testing or leak paths total capacity 4458m3/H2. We offer ISO or fixed trailer applications as normal but also specialists to clients requirements and pressures. We are preparing automatic leak detection for the trailer system take off locations coming in 2024.

Fixed storage solutions are aimed at the hydrogen filling station market with intermediate pressure and 875bar for road use available as standard. Mass storage solutions to any length are available allowing customers to match footprints available for projects.

We also offer ISO type 4 platforms for the road and marine shipping market as well as smaller type 4 systems for road/vehicle transport.